About us

My name is Lisa-Marie Hasse and I live with my husband Stefan in a small village close to Augsburg. We are surrounded by nature and are lucky that we are allowed to hunt in this area. We grew up with dogs, Stefan in a breeder family.


After Stefan decided to get the German hunting license, there was no doubt that we need a dog. The decision regarding the breed was made pretty fast, because of the family background. Kenobi came to us in 2010. He is my very first dog that I train and handle and I really wanted to work with. So in 2011 I also decided to achieve the german hunting license. Since that I participated on many hunts with Kenobi and also started at many competitions in Germany and other countries. In the End of 2013 Kenobi’s daughter Keiju moved to us. Needless to say that she is also trained by me and I handle her at diverse competitions. I do have a little dream and therefor our American import Kite came 2015 to our pack.

My passion is working with dogs, hunting and of course breeding. On these pages you can read more about our dogs, our kennel, as well as about our ideas and visions.